Once upon a time …

In the times of darkness, between the visions, before the hunger had become too severe, Junia thought about how she had ended up here. She thought of the journey, of her brothers, of the committed. Thought of the green eyes that still filled her with horror.

Nothing is as it should be in Dohr’s manor, the place where humans inflicted with the dreaded sickness are treated. The money from the crown have stopped arriving and nothing works anymore.

Dokaius, Antonius and Junia, the three siblings that takes care of the committed at the manor, decides after many discussions that two of them will travel to the capital to try and find an explanation. But the answers they find are nothing like what they had expected.

The Wisdom of a Fool takes place in the kingdom of Ireus in the fictitious world of Jenis: a place where magic used to be common but are now relegated to fairy tales, a place where huge citadels guards the northern passes against the hordes of the monstrous kobolts, a place where the church of the Most high tries to limit the influence of evil cultists and where the past is not as dead and buried as many thinks and hopes.

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